Dynamic electronic air filters operate with the use of electricity.  Instead of relying on a tight fabric to trap particles, Dynamic filters operate by maintaining a charge on the plastic media.  Because of this electric charge, particles in the airstream become polarized and are attracted to the media and themselves.  Very high levels of containment result without the heavy air pressure drop consequences found in passive air filters.  

Passive air filters clean the air of particulates, volatile organic hydrocarbons (VOCs), and / or odors from an airstream without using any source of power (other than the fan system). In almost every case, the purpose of the stock (or factory OEM) HVAC air filter is to protect the equipment itself from accumulating dust or becoming damaged.  As a consequence, there is no health benefit from the typical low efficiency filter system in the vast majority of HVAC systems.

It is worth nothing that recent advances in research and statistics has shown that higher efficiency air filtration can have a significant effect on human health, and productivity. Higher efficiency filters have been shown to lower infection rates in hospitals and all types of waiting rooms including medical and emergency rooms.  And in office buildings, it has been shown that lower levels of particles in the air can increase employee attendance and productivity.

Koch filter company has every conceivable type of passive filter available for HVAC, and are constructed using the highest quality standards in the industry.