With the summer weather approaching, many of us without central air conditioning (A/C) might want to consider buying a portable air conditioner.   Even if you do have central a/c, it may be advantageous to consider buying a portable a/c because it costs much less in electricity to condition only one room instead of a whole house. 

Portable a/c units are designed to plug into your home’s regular 115 volt electrical system.  They have wheels that allow them to be moved throughout the house as needed.   In moderate climates like here in the SF Bay Area, air conditioning is needed primarily in the late afternoon and evening when the daytime temperatures climb into the 90’s (or higher!).   If it’s not that hot, it’s usually sufficient to open the windows and use natural ventilation to bring in cooler outside air.

So what are the main things to be looking for when choosing a portable a/c unit?  Noise is a primary consideration, especially if the unit will be used in the bedroom.   Check the specifications for a noise rating.  Keep in mind noise is somewhat difficult and subjective to quantify.   Also manufacturers tend to pad their numbers since nobody is checking.  Most of the time, the noise level is listed in dBA.    An average rating for a portable a/c unit would be about 60dBA.  Again, noise is a subjective thing.  While some people may be sensitive to the noise the fan makes, others will find the compressor noise more objectionable.  The dbA scale kind of averages all the frequencies together into a single number rating.

Electric duct heaters are another type of coil that uses electricity to heat the moving airstream inside a duct or air handler.  While electricity is not generally as efficient to operate as other heating fuels, electric heaters are often used when heaters using other fuels are impractical or unavailable.  

Comfort Mechanical Equipment now can supply your firm electric duct heaters manufactured by Warren Technology.  Duct heaters are not something new for me as I’ve sold many duct heaters over the years.  Please download the current catalogue for more detailed information.

While Warren can manufacture custom open coil duct heaters to your sizes and specifications, they also have some stock sizes from 3 to 20KW that can ship right away.

While you may not order electric duct heaters on a regular basis, you might wonder what can a duct heater be used for.    Below are some examples of uses for electric duct heaters:


  1. Low cost dehumidification when used with a DX cooling system
  2. Temper outside air that is too cold to introduce directly into a space or HVAC system
  3. Add heating to a cooling only constant volume or VAV system in a building that lacks a hot water system
  4. Replace a duct heater that is too old to repair
  5. Add heat to an airstream that is too cold to humidify


Magic Aire has been building high quality fan coils for decades.  Right here in the good old USA.   Now Magic Aire comes with the top notch technical support and customer service you expect from Comfort Mechanical.  


Today, Magic Aire fan coils have all the latest features and technical developments and really fast delivery when you need it.  Check out the attachment which details the various shipping schedules as they apply to the various models.


Magic Aire not only still delivers; their fan coils are manufactured with strict quality controls that are hard to find in this low cost driven market.  So you can order fan coils with confidence that every unit will not only be defect free, but will surpass your expectations in every way.  Because you know the difference between value and First cost.   Check out the attachment brochure to see the latest models from Magic Aire.


If you aren’t familiar with Magic Aire, or haven’t recently taken a look at this company, let me summarize the important points: Magic Aire offers the best of the best in all types of units in the market.  Quality construction, modern and innovative features, competitive pricing, and the fastest standard and expedited delivery of made to order fan coils in the industry. 



Coils will transfer heat from water or refrigerant flowing inside the tubes to the airstream as it flows over the fins.  Comfort Mechanical Equipment has several manufacturers to choose from depending on the needs of the application and economics of the customer.  Fins are typically made from aluminum in various thicknesses, spacing, and profiles.  Tubes are usually made from copper in various thicknesses and diameters.  Coil frames are usually made from galvanized steel.  Many different materials and thicknesses are available.  Fins can be made of copper for better corrosion protection.  Tubes can be manufactured from stainless or carbon steel for specialized applications.  Casing can be made from aluminum or stainless steel if specified.   In addition, coils can be painted using various methods and materials for added corrosion protection.